Phentermine and ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder otherwise known as ADHD is a disorder that presents itself in adults and children. This disorder is noted by symptoms that involve hyperactivity, impulsiveness, lack of focus and poor control of impulses.

People with this disorder range from children to adults. For children the disorder has a potential of being cured by medication and in adults there is no permanent cure but it can be controlled or at least its effects reduced so adults can cope better with it.

The relationship that exists between ADHD and Phentermine as a drug is rooted in the standard treatment of the ADHD disorder. Since ADHD is viewed as a neurological disorder and as such its recommended treatment is with the use of stimulants. These stimulants work by stimulating the parts of the brain responsible for impulse control. Popular stimulants include methylphenidates, dextroamphetamines and amphetamines. Amphetamines are the class of drugs to which Phentermine diet pills belong to.

In normal people without ADHD stimulants that are ingested that belong to the categories above have strong effects on the body. If the dose is large the individual may develop traits that are seen in ADHD patients such as restlessness, insomnia and loss of focus. These are symptoms that may also manifest when the individual taking Phentermine diet pills for weight loss is taking a somewhat larger dose of the Phentermine drugs.

In people with the ADHD disorder the ingestion of stimulants such as methylphenidates, dextroamphetamines, amphetamines and other stimulants have a paradoxical effect. This paradoxical effect literally means a contradictory or reverse effect. Natural logic would assume a person who has ADHD and takes stimulants should become increasingly and unreasonably hyperactive, forgetful or generally manifest an increased severity in the symptoms which are associated with ADHD. Contrary to logic however the paradoxical effect means people who have ADHD and take stimulants become more relaxed, more focused and exhibit less traits that are typical with people in their situation.

Phentermine is not a listed form of popular ADHD medication neither is it popular in that regard. Phentermine diet pills are mostly prescribed for weight loss. Popular pills that are recommended for the treatment of ADHD are Ritalin a methylphenidate and Adderall an amphetamine. These pills are prescribed by Doctors to both children and adults who have ADHD so they can lead normal lives.

Phentermine diet pills have a surprising benefit for ADHD patients however. Since they are stimulants as well as amphetamines they possess the ability to function as ADHD medication. Doctors have noticed that in overweight ADHD patients being treated for their weight condition with Phentermine, marked decrease in ADHD symptoms is evident.

As such Doctors now recommend Phentermine alone or Phentermine with a reduced dose of Adderall for patients who are overweight and have ADHD. If you are overweight and have ADHD you may want to buy Phentermine and start your weight loss program immediately so you can also benefit from its anti-ADHD effects.

Potential takers are instructed however that before they buy Phentermine they should consult with their doctors beforehand for more information on the effect of Phentermine diet pills on their condition.