Combining Phentermine with Drugs

Regardless of where you buy Phentermine from few vendors will actually advise you on what to do concerning the ingestion of Phentermine with other pills. Overweight people are increasingly likely to suffer from other ailments that may or may not result from their weight. As such pills may be prescribed for these associated conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. A number of pills are deemed harmful when they are combined with Phentermine diet pills and people should be aware of this fact before they buy Phentermine for use.

Some of these drugs are listed below and the illnesses and conditions they treat are described as well. Some of these medicines contain similar properties as Phentermine diet pills and they are advised against because their effects could heighten the reaction of the body to Phentermine medication thereby causing undesired reactions.

Amantadine – Drugs in this class are used to treat the flu and have also been administered in certain cases where the patient suffers from Parkinson’s disease. It affects the neurotransmitters of the Central Nervous System and should not be used in conjunction with Phentermine.

Amphetamines – These drugs are the class of drugs that Phentermine belong to. This trait is evident by the -amine suffix that usually describes such drugs. Amphetamines should never be combined with each other for any reason at all.

Caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant and hence classified as a drug. The use of caffeine in medication precipitates insomnia-the inability to sleep. Phentermine diet pills also cause these symptoms when they are in high concentration or they are taken before sleeping. An example of a caffeine related drug is NoDoz manufactured by Novartis- the Swiss Pharmaceutical company. It is used for the treatment of excess fatigue and drowsiness in people.  Asthma medication – A person who has asthma or takes asthma medication should refrain from the combination of such medication with Phentermine so as to prevent breathing problems.

Cold Medication – Phentermine should not be taken with medication for common cold. This includes nose drops as well as sprays or any other form of medication used in treating common cold.

Diet Pills – Phentermine medication is sufficient as a diet pill. Phentermine diet pills should not be taken in conjunction with other diet pills for whatever reason.