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Phentermine 375 is a drug used in weight loss. It’s taken as a capsule or tablet which can be swallowed whole, with liquid, or crushed or chewed. Phentermine 37.5 also comes in an extended release form and as an elixir. Regular Phentermine is taken about an hour before mealtime and about five hours before the patient goes to bed. The extended release Phentermine 375 is taken about 10 hours before bed and its effects last for 14 hours. Doctors warn patients against taking the drug for too long a period. Phentermine shouldn’t be used for more than three months at a time. He has a good point what is a phentermine 37.5

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Users of the drug report that they lose weight at a healthy and steady pace. The weight loss is not drastic, and people tend to lose the weight they want over a period of months or years. The weight loss is helped if the user also engages in an exercise regime and a healthy diet. However, people lose weight even if they don’t count calories or exercise. This is because Phentermine 375 affects the area of the brain that suppresses appetite. Users who take the drug will lose weight simply because they’re not as interested as much in food. Phentermine also helps users keep excess weight off even after they’ve stopped taking it. This effect generally lasts for about a year.

Patients shouldn’t take Phentermine with other drugs unless they first discuss this with their doctor. They should be very careful to not take Phentermine with any MAO inhibitor, for the side effects can be life threatening. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also not take Phentermine, and no one should use heavy machinery or drive while they’re taking the drug. Interestingly, alcohol taken with Phentermine will increase the drug’s sedative effects, sometimes dangerously. On the other hand, the caffeine found in tea or coffee will add to the drug’s simulative effects.