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Everything in life has its do’s and don’ts, a series of instructions that should be followed to achieve effective results.  These do’s and don’ts often apply greatly to highly effective remedies to human problems. The use of the appetite suppressant Phentermine is no different, the use of the drug must be followed with certain precautions, and these precautions involve what should be done when Phentermine diet pills are being taken and also what should be avoided. Anyone who wants to buy Phentermine should take a look at these precautions before they use the drug.

Alcohol – The drinking of alcohol when taking Phentermine is not advised, some people will say that alcohol can be taken in moderate quantities when you buy Phentermine for use but this recommendation is ill-advised and unnecessary. The ingestion of alcohol while taking Phentermine diet pills may cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Breastfeeding – If a mother is breastfeeding, the use of Phentermine is not recommended. Breast milk is a body fluid and as such when Phentermine diet pills are ingested into the system the Phentermine content may be transmitted to the baby through the breast milk. Phentermine like other highly effective drugs is not suitable for young children least of all babies. Mothers should avoid the use of Phentermine diet pills if they intend to breastfeed their children.

Children and Infants – Children might be overweight thus causing concerns for their parents who wish to resolve the situation by giving their children appetite suppressants. However Phentermine is not recommended for children who are aged 16 and below. Parents may consult with doctors to suggest alternative forms of weight loss for their children other than Phentermine diet pills.

Diabetic Patients – Maintaining blood sugar levels is an important part in the life of any diabetic patient. The ingestion of Phentermine by diabetic patients can affect the blood sugar levels of that patient. People who are diabetic and want to take Phentermine diet pills for their appetite suppressant effects should do so with the advice of a doctor.

Kidney Problems – People with kidney problems are advised not to take Phentermine diet pills as they can cause a number of unsavoury side effects which may prove detrimental to their health.

Pregnant Women – Pregnant women are advised against the use of Phentermine in any stage of their pregnancy as Phentermine diet pills are known to cause birth defects in unborn children.